To be known as a technical Institution that disseminates knowledge and futuristic-skill sets in line with the evolving technologies and prepares students with positive attitude, innovative approach, universal values & ethics and a knack to serve the community.

The Institute is Committed to:

  • Imparting quality education and futuristic skill sets relevant to contemporary and ever changing future trends.
  •  Development of students capability to analytical abilities, problem solving, innovation, teamwork and leadership.
  •  Provide with exemplary infrastructural facilities and an ecosystem conducive to open and experiential learning that makes one experience at MIT to treasure.
  •  Provide with well qualified, dedicated, adept and highly motivated faculty.
  •  Promote research and development activities.
  •  Promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
  •  Serve the community by extending our resources towards science communication, health and hygiene, environment ecology, and other social.


The objective of the institute is to have necessary instruments and resources to deliver technical manpower that not only meets the local industry requirements but is also an acceptable human resource for the global job market in Management & Technology as well as Master in Computer Application and other technological sectors. We aim to provide quality technical education facilities to every student admitted to the institute along with the development of all round personality of the students. To be a technically high and professional institute, we ensure to provide most competent staff and excellent support facilities like well-equipped library, lecture theaters, computer and scientific laboratories fitted with high quality equipment. The institute organizes in-house and outside training programmes, seminars, conferences and workshops on continuous basis and encourages participation of staff and students to improve its Academic Pedagogy through innovative ideas and techniques in order to impart quality education. To fill the perception gap between expectation of industry and preferences of academia through industry institute cell, we organize interactive sessions in the campus. To produce competitive professionals for meeting the upcoming demand of the nation, the institute will always remain dedicated to the social causes of the public of this region.